It’s refreshing simple: frequently writing blog posts and sharing them on social media is a reliable B2B business development strategy.

I specialise in content marketing for tech companies, promoting new applications and business strategies made possible by the advancement of digital.

If you would like to discuss a campaign of thought leadership posts and articles, email me at noel@inboundtech.co

Subjects include:

Data Analytics
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Social Sentiment Scoring
Machine Learning
Smart Cities
Social Impact

Content Strategy:

◙ Thought Leadership
◙ Content Marketing
◙ Brand Journalism
◙ Inbound Marketing
◙ Social Media

I also take part in forums, groups and I guest blog to network and share ideas. If you would like your company to be understood by a larger audience I’d be happy to explain how I could help.

I believe in my work and what it can achieve.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Michael

    Data driven front end web design interests me quite a bit. Watching the decisions of vast amounts of people when confronted with variable designs leaves a lot of worthwhile questions. Also fintech and biometric payment authentication is something that is heading off into uncharted territory at an increasing rate, I’ll be following this with interest.


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