The UX Showdown: People Vs Machines

On a good day the unflinching smile of customer services runs like clockwork.  A beaming attendant will be at your side, pacifying your latest stressful encounter with products and services.  I can remember at least a couple of incidents where I have been saved by such an individual – their breathtaking efficiency performed with such style and grace, expertly delivered in a way that left me feeling slightly ashamed of my blustering incompetence whilst immensely grateful and relieved, as they politely disappeared again with genuinely no need for thanks or apology. Perfect customer service delivered directly from a human will leave you feeling truly loved.

Machines have their work cut out for them if they are to beat this.  But that is exactly what they are doing.  Like the ultimate gift of unconditional love a machine will ask nothing of you outside the clearly defined parameters set during your first encounter.  I understand exactly where I stand as I login into my internet banking – I wont be judged or cajoled into my necessary next actions. My decisions can be made in peace and without emotional feedback from another person.   I wont have the slightly jarring effect of saying ‘no thanks’ to a person who is pressured to offer me extras during this process.  A machine doesn’t use that emotional ploy to turn over a sales conversion because a machine is not hurt by rejection.  Easier.

For those in the business of delivering well thought out, well presented ideas based solely on facts and figures – now is the time to think deeply about this issue.  If machines can be provided with the data you use, they will be able to make the calculations you can do 24/7 and in a fraction of the time and cost.  But…as you read this, somewhere a tower of strength is saving someone from imminent turmoil at an airport check-in desk.  The numbers on the screen are clearly telling them that the luggage is lost and an overnight stay in the lobby is unavoidable – but in the world of humans miracles do happen, our heroic figure behind the desk is making the impossible possible, they are in it together, our weary traveller is not alone.

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Noel Peatfield
Freelance Copywriter (tech)  and Content Strategist

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