Biometric mCommerce

Fintech has taken another significant step forward with mobile fingerprint payments. The the launch of a mobile app by allows customers to use either Samsung’s fingerprint recognition on Android, or Apple’s Touch ID on the iOs mobile payment authentication.

This new release enables a one-click checkout system for any website, with users purchasing items with just their fingerprint rather than filling out payment forms. As user confidence grows with mCommerce, this is a significant advance for the holy grail of secure low friction mobile payments.

As it can be used with either Apple’s Touch ID on iOs or Samsung’s fingerprint authentication system, mCommerce websites do not have to develop separate systems for mobile payments.

Lowering payment friction is one of the main issues regarding increasing mCommerce conversion rates. Difficult form filling and increased clicks are one of the main reasons cited for shopping cart abandonment, especially on mobile.  With the increased adoption of mobile fingerprint payments it is difficult to measure in the short term the satisfaction of shoppers who use biometrics on their mobiles, but overtime this extra functionality will be tested by properly users and I look forward to hearing their feedback.

Still in the early days of fingerprint mobile payments, the next few months will reveal the road ahead for a protocol that could potentially either replace the use of passwords or at the least could instead be used as a second factor of authentication.  As with all new payment technology it is understandable that concerns over security are understood, but as ever the test of time will present a clearer picture.  The uptake is on the increase and no doubt that more phones with fingerprint sensors will go into circulation over the course of this year.  The cross platform app is a significant milestone in bringing together a universal approach to the fintech payments market.

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