Written Content Marketing For Tech

If there is one bit of advice that can cut to the chase on the vast subject of digital marketing, it is this. Regularly produce engaging content and publish it on the web as often as it is humanly possible.  That’s it.  It’s really that simple. Digital marketing is here to stay and Google will continue to neutralize other ways of improving ranking, because like an older sibling or a well meaning school teacher Google is trying to say to you...look I want to help you I really do, but you have to understand that we have a common purpose, your visitors want quality fresh material and on a regular basis.  So please, if you can step away from the link building software and let us both work together, we can give your target market an experience they will never forget.

My own personal focus is writing about the amazing work that digital teams create everyday. Whether it’s an embedded system a plugin or a new eCommerce build being launched, nothing much is being said about the processes and the people involved.  I think the virtue of ‘less talking more doing’ is one that is prevalent in this world but the little wins and discoveries that are made along the way are just as worthy of sharing as are the ad campaigns and award ceremonies.

Your average company website, blog or social media channel will mainly feature events and new releases, but more so these days we are seeing general views that would go down well when talking shop after work.  So to breathe new life into the process of creating content it helps to gear up production by publishing genuine insight in a less formal context. This would help to maintain the volume most companies are lacking. In writing content for tech the challenge is to remain engaging while trying to convey what can often be potentially nothing much more than a list of facts.  If you can do this then you are well on your way to achieving the tried and tested formula of Quality and Lots of It Wins.

As far as I’m aware Google has not yet made an algorithm that can tell if your content is boring, though I think this is on it’s way.  If your article is full of evenly distributed, freshly published keywords but to a human is as dull as dishwater then it’s not going to get shared.  Sharing is probably my favorite aspect of the internet, it’s just a wonderful thing.  It’s good to share.  From a marketing point of view it can set you free from the tyranny of search engine rankings.  Friend to friend endorsements of your content wins over random page one clicks.  And of course lots of this sort of activity will get your content a better ranking too.

So yes, good quality written content published on a regular basis.  Happily this leaves you with only one minor problem. Your project needs to be understood by the right people of which there are thousands, possibly millions. You have given everything you’ve got to get to this point, and you have not the time or the energy to spend writing endless articles and there is no fifty grand marketing budget at this stage.  Solution?  Get someone with over five years experience in digital business development and an English degree to do it for you.  Someone who can churn out high volumes of professional content, who has a special blend of warmth, personality and focused clarity.  In fact, you might as well just ask me.  The worst case scenario?  I will find your project interesting and get it out there on my social channels for free.

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