Blynk app to control Raspberry & Arduino Boards

The demand for DIY IoT accessories and kits has never been higher. With the latest Raspberry Pi release a resounding success it’s not surprising to hear that at last there is not just an app that can link your smartphone to your Raspberry and Arduino, but an app that can quickly build apps to link up with these boards.

The Blynk app allows you to drag and drop buttons, sliders, graphs and other functional widgets on your phone. As their promotional video demonstrates, the configurable widgets can control Raspberry Pi’s or similar microcontroller boards and get data from them also. This level of interaction has been seen before by using a laptop and by writing lines of code, with long experimental processes that don’t always pan out. With Blynk you can set up a UI on your phone within a couple of minutes to control your boards remotely anywhere in the world.


I think this neatly takes the Maker IoT movement to the next level. With the amount of web tools and app builders being made, Blynk represents the establishment of an era where those with limited coding skills can build systems. This will no doubt snowball the contribution of ideas and invention. Also, this fun and accessible level of interaction with code will encourage many more to turn their hands to programming, and provide useful tools for developers.

If like me you are starting to realise how useful a Raspberry and Arduino is for tinkering with IoT networks, you will find that a system like Blynk is the quickest way to sketch out your ideas without having to code. For those who are building more complex projects like robots or home automation, Blynk will save time writing new apps.

Blynk have steamed passed their KickStarter goal and have now set stretch goal targets for more functionality and are hooking up with other IoT projects like AirBoard.

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