5 Tech Channels

If your job requires that you read a lot of tech industry news, you will know that it’s sometimes great to sit back, hit the play button and get as much valuable info as possible with the least amount of effort. Video content is useful for researching, learning, looking for inspiration or just wanting to get a more in depth look into who is behind any developments that may be of interest.

First on the list is Tech City News. This is a London-centric tech channel with probably the best production values out there. The nearest thing you will get to a TV station dedicated to the tech industry.


This list could not be complete without Tech Crunch. If you work in tech and haven’t heard of them yet, then do take a look at their website too.


Wired tend to cast their net fairly wide over the industry. Lots of general interest including industry news. They have a long running channel of videos that are mostly presentations by industry leaders and academics.


New Finance has a wealth of straight from the source information, and lots of it. Fintech is such a fast moving industry that even if it’s not your scene, it’s influence is powering development in all areas of digital.


TNW (The Next Web) do a good job of producing engaging, informative video content. Like most good channels they mix presentations with interviews mainly at events held around the world.


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