Your Mobile (ownership)

Its finally happened.  I’ve been on a natural high for days and every time my mood dips slightly I quietly remind myself that I now have “all you can eat 4G data” on my phone and I’m cheerful once again.  This is a momentous occasion for me personally, especially for one particular reason.  When I was a child I marveled at the idea of having a mini TV that could fit in my pocket.  I’d seen a documentary (Tomorrows World) that said this was going to happen one day and I wanted to be part of that world.  I dared to dream that maybe I’d be able to watch what I wanted when I wanted.  Now there is a third dimension, I can do this while mobile.

What’s happening here ladies and gentleman is that a childhood dream is coming true.  Let us take a quiet moment to reflect on this.. But this is not all. From a grown up perspective I can pick up my phone and check my bank balance within a few hassle free seconds, video call family overseas and SatNav my way to just about anywhere.  Did Captain James T. Kirk have all this on his mobile device? No he didn’t.  I’ve out done Star Trek technology!

Out of all my trinkets my smartphone seems to be the leader.  And I’m starting to suspect it knows the power it has over me.  I feel like a ring bearer from Lord of the Rings.  It’s there in my pocket and during every idle moment I want to reach for it and I resist when I can. In a lift, a queue, on a train, in these situations as you know it always wins in the end.  My precious.  Some say we don’t own our possessions, but that they own us.  I know of teenagers that would have very real nervous breakdowns if parted with their phones.  “Your grounded” is still top of the list when it comes to disciplining children.  “I’m taking your phone off you for a week” is clearly inviting some sort of psychological meltdown, so best not to even go there.  I love tech, I love my phone, this blog site will never suggest a digital detox.  I merely want to serve as a brief reminder about how ingrained our mobile devices are in our psyche.

I usually focus on writing serious commentary on commercial tech, so of course I am duty bound to mention the huge importance of mobile at some point, just in case there is one person on the planet who has not been saturated in this news already. But do you really need another set of stats that suggest that by 2020 mobiles will have gained self awareness and will have collaborated with 3d printers to take over the world? To understand the awesome power of mobile all you need to do is ask yourself,  are you owned by your phone?  Any little pause to consider this idea would strongly suggest you are;)

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